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Aerial Sparks

Aerial Sparks is an East London based Artist who produces a wide range of bold, eclectic, “apparently” simple art works on his own or in collaboration with artists/artisans and metal workers in the UK and in Indonesia.   Aerial expresses ideas using a variety of mediums including oil / acrylic paint , photography and often unconventional sculptures, some of which are very large. Art work includes a mixture of serious minded and humorous, playful topics, frequently using bright colours.



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Wake Up Artists !!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions ??????

I create conceptional artworks and more narrative pieces which I consider fairly approachable , they are not one dimensionable or intentionally obscure but do require some engagement by the viewer . I also like to lob in a bit of humour now and again , which might make galleries etc wonder if there is a cohesive intent running through the work , which there is .

I suppose because I want to communicate with other people and am not self obsessed / up myself , or have little interest in the art world itself and what ever style / approach is currently ” in “, plus I don’t exactly play the game  > write reams of pretentious twaddle about the arts meaning / include all the art world buzz words as to the works cultural relevance , know the right people ( those with money ) , or produce graffiti art much of which is really lame , not to mention fake in terms of its so supposedly guerrilla credentials ; which is why I don’t seem to be making much headway in art competitions , exhibit much less frequently than I would like . Or perhaps need to come up with another solution !

When I chat to friends who are in in bands , not that it is easy for them to get “recognised” but they at least don’t need to become something that there not and can at get gigs , although not necessarily paid ones. Something that artists and musicians do have in common is a dependency on other people to market them  , because it doesn’t matter how good or bad your work is , if either the people , or “the”  people haven’t heard of you then the money will not be coming in , unless you know differently ????  Any suggestions ??????


Israeli street artist crew, Broken Fingaz.

' Street life ” > Aerial Sparks ” Storm ” takes to the streets !!!!!!!!

Taking my sculpture ” storm” out of a gallery into the wider world ” well Hackney ” anyway !!! 

I was looking on youtube for the weird film the Singing Ringing Tree 1957 that used to scare children in the past , but unexpectedly came across this video clip of a physical singing ringing tree , out on the moors of deepest , darkest Burnley.

I’v never had a reason to go to Burnley but now i do !

This is a representation of my 2,500 piece wooden sculpture which is looking for a exhibition opportunity !

Bird catcher