This is a representation of my 2,500 piece wooden sculpture which is looking for a exhibition opportunity !

Bird catcher




Perception is an act of creativity ! everyone does it , this means that we all perceive differently !


There is a massive chasm between making meaningful art and having access to an audience !!!!!


At the weekend I decided to go out and find locations to video “portrait of the unknown self ” , having done so I waited until dark and then went to my first location , set up the gas stove on a wall above a canal full of menace and atmosphere , placed the faceless doll on to the stove attempted to light up and then total disaster ! it tilted and in slow motion fell downwards , fortunately most of the doll fell onto a ledge above the dank water with only one arm getting severed and going plop into the water.

After the panic died down and I tried to work out how to get on to the ledge , reach down and pick up the doll without falling in myself , not possible . I then surveyed the visually striking scene , a railway over a canal , a line of barges  some with quaint wood smoke wafting about , all dwarfed by the massive gas storage tanks , all in an arty - farty quarter of the East End. I went and found a scrap of rope leaned over the wall and attempted to lasso the figure without success,  I eventually decided that I better give up as I needed a second person to ensure I wouldn’t fall in if I got over the wall and that I better not stay any longer so that I don’t attract any attention to myself from people who my want to get the figure themselves.The thoughts that ran through my head included , ” oh no , its not going to be possible to rescue it ” , ” I better push it in the water , its more important that no one gets hold of the sculpture than the expense of recasting the sculpture ” , eventually coming to my senses I decided that “the danger and inconvenience is worth it , so that I have my whole artwork fully formed and working again”

I duly attempted to cover up the artwork with a branch and had to hope it wouldn’t get noticed over the next few days . Unlike most other adults I was really pleased when it started snowing and then raining to cover up and then deter others from locating my artwork .

Iv been out this evening with a large rope fastened it to anything that I could above the canal , created rope hand holes and fortunate for me when a man from a barge passed by enrolled him into my small venture , I got over the wall , lowered myself down and handed up the figure to my new temporary assistant.

What now after this misadventure ? I will need to get another arm cast , then get a blacksmith to attach the new arm to the figure . And as much as I like being independent will need to en-role someone to help me with future videoing . This little figure has a precarious existence , as we all do !

My sculpture currently featured on

Portrait of the unknown self in Hackney Wick

When you get the urge

The only problem of working on a painting at home is , when do you stop . Eeek - Its 2.00 am and I am still painting !!!!!!!

Dolls House, who`s house ? What`s in your shed ?